Achieve MORE of what matters most.

Get crystal clear on where you want to go and why it matters,
because clarity makes productive action easier.

Take an evidence-based approach to explore what’s true,
because everyone’s perception of reality is different (and usually incomplete).  

Consider the bigger picture,
because we all operate in an ecosystem in which context and connections matter.

Surface obstacles that may be undermining progress,
because forward movement may be easier than you’re making it (which is true for all humans).

Prioritize action,
because we learn by doing and learning is the fuel that unleashes excellence.

Embrace a human-centered approach,
because it’s how to accelerate the most meaningful progress.

Through our work together we'll...

Leaders persistently wrestle with competing demands of their time and attention. The stakes are high. And leaders are human. 

Whether a first time founder or a seasoned executive, leaders are more effective when they pause to ground themselves and to prioritize focus. Investing in coaching helps leaders (and their business) go further faster, improve outcomes and deploy resources more effectively.  

Our coaching partnership targets 4 pillars of leadership excellence:
  • Achieving Goals
  • Enhancing Leadership Skills
  • Optimizing Team Performance
  • Cultivating a Culture of Learning

Executive Coaching

Culture plays a significant role in an organization’s ability (or inability) to achieve its goals so designing it intentionally matters.

Alignment is the key. When an organization’s stated culture aligns with people’s lived experience, culture becomes the rocket fuel people need to achieve excellence.  

Through our consulting partnership we’ll…
  • Clearly define your organization’s values and what they look like in action
  • Identify gaps in what’s desired to people’s lived experience 
  • Operationalize culture throughout your talent systems
  • Create systems to reinforce culture over time

Culture Consulting

The unexpected can knock us to our knees. Even the change we choose can be rough to navigate. It’s easy to get stuck but life’s too short to stay there.

While life transitions can be messy, they also provide an opportunity for inspired transformation. Enlisting a coach with the right expertise can help make forward movement easier, more enjoyable and ultimately more fulfilling. Investing in a coach is investing in the quality of your one wild and precious life. (Cheesy but TRUE!)

Our coaching partnership will help you…
  • Envision a path that truly lights you up 
  • Heighten self-awareness and broaden your perspective
  • Break free from limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you   
  • Learn to trust your inner compass to guide your choices 
  • Start walking your most inspired path 

Personal Transitions Coaching

Customized services include: 

  • Team Coaching
  • HR Coaching 
  • Management Training 
  • Meeting Facilitation 

Please reach out to learn more about any of these services and how they can help drive success for your business. I’d love to explore what’s possible with you.

Custom Services

Leading a business has never been more complex.
Most organizations strive to have a “strong culture” but few can articulate what that actually means, much less make it a reality. 
Change in life is inevitable. 
Blue Compass provides additional customized solutions to help accelerate progress for your business. 

All services start with a 3 month partnership and build from there as needed. 

Let’s connect to explore if together we can help you achieve MORE of what matters most.

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"It's easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to make Big Picture decisions. Sharon listens with compassion, asks great questions, and helps you shape a plan that starts with one concrete step, followed by another. She'll challenge you in all the right ways and is absolutely amazing to work with."